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Egyptian hieroglyphics to the internet
Andreas Gergan

From the Egyptian hieroglyphics to the internet, we as a human race have progressed because of our abilities to communicate. We start our communication process at the very start of our lives.

The elementary school where we learn to pronoun words, the educational career where we indulge ourselves in the wealth of information and finally how this information we have gathered is used to communicate our knowledge to others. Yet, the criterion of communication is how well we are able to inform others of our concerns and interests.

The internet today is the hub for information. Websites are built daily to inform others about everything from diapers to retirement benefits. However, one can see that every internet user have their own preferred method of browsing and gathering information through the internet. The internet user wants to be informed of their interests as much as possible through an easy, accessible and non tedious website. The key here is to be good in communicating information.

A website should not be few in words, or excessively a cauldron of words but it has to be one which is able to give the right information with the right amount of words. After all, we have a fast paced life these days and do not want to spend unnecessary time on one thing.

Secondly, the information a website reveals needs to be interesting. The colors used should look flashy and at the same time have an expensive look. The power-punch lines need to be built into the information you are putting out. The font used in the website should be appealing. The images should be original and captivating. Overall, it should have an authentic outlook.

Thirdly, a website should be user-friendly. Here, user friendly is more than just the accessibility. The key here is to make the user feel that they have found what they are looking for. With this, the user should not feel that he/she is being tricked into any incorrect information.

These are some key ideas of communication on a website; the right information at the right time. The level of integrity on the website will make it appealing. Lastly, don’t make the website look cheap and keep those evil pop-ups away from your website.

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