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Best "Nepali" Language Websites
(Ranked on August 2003)

Websites with more than ninety percent of the content and navigation in the Nepali were qualified for this ranking.

Nepalese Internet users are increasing each day. Both at home and abroad, many Nepali surfer want to visit the websites in their official national language Nepali, or other national languages such as Tamang, Gurung, Newari (Nepal Bhasa), Magar, etc. Very few websites are in Nepal's national languages, however. In this Ranking, we exclusively rank those websites written in Nepali or any other language of Nepal. We hope it will promote the use of Nepali or other language websites.

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1 Kamana Publication's News of Nepal | SITE | REVIEW |  

features daily news and articles from many prominent Nepali publications 

2 Nepali Himal | SITE | REVIEW |
  features news from one of the acclaimed Nepali publication
3 Nepali Post | SITE | REVIEW |
  distinction of being the first website to have complete Nepali navigation. Published by expatriate Nepali community in the United States
4 Nepal Japan | SITE | REVIEW |
  a journal published by expatriate Nepali community in Japan

Other Distinguished "Nepali" Language websites

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