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This year our Online News ranking has been divided into two categories; “Best Overall Online News” and “Best Online News in Nepali”

The “Best Overall Online News” is ranked primarily on its content and secondarily on its presentation aspects such as user-friendly features, easy navigation, and sound design. We defined superior content by fresh news content, its quality and the diverse quantity of news. Based on the content, is still the king of News on Nepal closely followed by Kantipur Online (www., Kamana Publication and Himalayan Times ( Nepalnews posts news relatively fast. Nepalnews has its strength in its extensive collection of quality news articles from various publications.


On the other hand, Nepalnews’s website did not have a pleasing design or other user-friendly features such as viewer comments, or a separate page for each news story etc., like other news websites. Himalayan Times and closely followed by Kantipur Online were technically better, user-friendlier and had better design and navigation. is still commendable on its decision to present the latest news in Nepali.

The ranking this year has seen some major changes. Kantipuronline moved a notch to No 1 to tie with Nepalnews. Himalayan Times gets second place closely followed by the followed by NewsofNepal. Spacetime was dropped out of ranking because it did not have significant online presence. Nepalnews is still a No.1 news website without any significant upgrade to its website on the basis of its great content. However, since last year two of its major competition News website kantipuronline and Himalayan Times have upgraded their website, it is time for Nepalnews to be proactive and improve some of aspects of its website.

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1 "Kantipur Publications" | REVIEW |
  for having good balance between content and presentation from Nepal's largest selling newspaper.
1 "" | REVIEW |

for having vast content, most current news. Howvever, lacks presentation and user friendliness.

2 "Himalayan Times" | REVIEW |
  for its great improvement to the website which allow you to even download recent newspaper in Adobe pdf. However, news dissemination still slower than both number 1’s.
3 "Kamana Publication" | REVIEW |
  for being undoubtedly No 1. Nepali language news website.
4 "Gorkha Patra" | REVIEW |
  a good start from state-run news media but has to do a lot to catch up on the online front.
5 "Nepali Post" | REVIEW |
  an independent news source maintained by professional journalist in the United States
6 "NepaliJapan" | REVIEW |
  news website maintained by Nepalese from Japan

The “Best News in Nepali” is ranked based primarily on its Nepali content and technical aspect and secondarily on its user friendliness toward Nepali readers. We defined superior Nepali content by percentage, quantity and quality of Nepali news content with respect to other news content.

This is the first year “Best News in Nepali” is ranked. Newsnepal was judged as the number one Nepali news website for being completely in Nepali and also using Nepali Unicode fonts. Nepalnews gets second place for its diverse Nepali news content closely followed by the Kantipuronline.

1 "Kamana Publication" | REVIEW |
  for its best use of technology to provide a completely Nepali language news website
2 "" | REVIEW |

for its well established Nepali news content

3 "Kantipur Publications" | REVIEW |
  for all its Nepali news content from Kantipur publication.
4 "Gorkha Patra" | REVIEW |
  for its online version of nepali news.
5 "Nepali Post" | REVIEW |
  for bringing primarily Nepali news published online from United States
6 "NepaliJapan" | REVIEW |
  for its great nepali news coverage from Japan.
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