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The Best 51 Websites related to Nepal, and chosen by the Editorial Board of are listed below:

The following websites are a representation of what our editorial board considers a selection of diverse, useful, and accessible websites. These websites provide an array of information on various aspects of Nepal. They are judged by a group of select critics, and may not represent the view of everyone.

This year’s “Best 51 Websites” has 16 new entrants replacing few of last year’s websites.

The website listed here are not in particular rank. They are merely IN AN ALPHABETICAL ORDER by their domain name. "BBC Nepali Service" | Review |

for providing an impartial news and discussion on Nepal "BBC South Asia News" | Review |
for proving news on Nepal and Nepal's neighbors | Review | NEW
advertise for free "Business manager" | Review |
all the Nepali business news and analysis"CIA/US Govt".| Review |

the best one page summary of Nepal "CWIN" | Review |

a non-profit organization helping homeless kids "CyberNepal Magazine" | Review | NEW

pioneer infotainment online magazine "Dept Cottage & Small Indus." | Review |

find out about small business opportunity and information in Nepal | Review |

shop online and get your products delivered in Nepal | Review | NEW

education portal of Nepal | Review | NEW

environmental information on Nepal | Review |

mouthwatering nepali food recipes | Review | NEW

oldest newspaper of Nepal, owned and operated by government "Himal Magazine" | Review |

a south asian magazine based on Nepal | Review | NEW

calling card website with real time purchase facility "Nepal Homepage" | Review |

most comprehensive portal on Nepal | Review |

find jobs, post openings | Review |

newari culture information portal "Kantipur Publications" | Review |

official website of best selling Nepali newspaper | Review |

internetbanking in Nepal made possible. "Linux Nepal" | Review |
linux information for and on Nepal "Ministry of Foreign Affairs" | Review |
foreign policy of Nepal "Mercantile" | Review |
register your own .np "Muncha House" | Review |
shop online, send gifts to Nepal | Review | NEW
teen forum and chat | Review |
one of the largest directory of Nepali websites listing "His Majesty's Government of Nepal" | Review |
official website of government of Nepal | Review | NEW
online matrimonials | Review |
online yellow pages on Nepal | Review |
a complete Nepali language journal run by Nepalese in the United States | Review | NEW
infotainment online magazine |Review |
listen to your favorite nepali songs | Review |
rural online initiative | Review |
the best known news website on Nepal " Kamana Publication News" | Review |
just what its says, it's news of Nepal "Nepal Rastra Bank" | Review |
Central bank of Nepal | Review | NEW
a complete nepali party portal. | Review |
listen to the national radio of Nepal | Review |
a widely used message board | Review | NEW
online forum for ex-students of nepali schools | Review |
alumni website of former Budhanilkantha students | Review | NEW
art & craft newsletter | Review | NEW
literary magazine | Review |
nepal trade promotion website | Review |
information. shopping, portal website on Nepal | Review |
publication of TND Foundation committed to promoting issues concerning Nepal | Review | NEW
online Nepali trance community "Wave Magzine" | Review |
widely read and very hip youth English magazine "Nepal Tourism Board" | Review |
official tourism promotion initiative "Worldwide Nepalese Students' Organisation - WNSO" | Review |
organization of Nepali students abroad | Review | NEW
internet security news and forum

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