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We will be changing the "Best 51 Websites" selection process for the next ranking.
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The Best 51 Websites* on Nepal are ranked by the team of our editors. The following aspects of the website are weighed to determine if it will be among Best 51.

Content related to Nepal is the degree of relevant, unique and amount of information (content) related to Nepal.

Popularity among people who are looking for information related to Nepal.

Usability and Design encompasses degree of easiness to use, aesthetically pleasing design elements, a good navigation structure, and average upload time of pages.

The final selection comprises a diverse group of the websites that exhibit either one or all of the above-mentioned qualities.

Best 51 Websites are not only just based on popularity, design or amount of content but on value a website adds on Internet by putting information related to Nepal and its presentation of the information.

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Ranking Philosophy
Editorial Board

* Every year, a set of “Best Websites” will be published. They are based on what our editorial board considers to be the best website with the information related to Nepal. Please note that is not called, "Top 51" because we are not basing our judgment solely on the popularity or amount of content.

There is not exact limitation on the numbers of the website that can come under the “Best Websites” because we believe only the websites that truly deserve the accolade, not more, not less should be included.

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