"We, the editors of the Nepalnet.Net, want to wish a happy Mother’s Day to all our moms – Sharda, Terry, Joyce, Pam, Mrs. Gergan, Mrs. Patel"

Mothers day as it is celebrated in Nepal

Mother's Day is a time to honor and celebrate all of our mothers, ma, amma or mummy has done for us. In Nepal, mother’s day is celebrated around the middle part of first month of Baisakh (near the end of April). Nepalese Mother’s day falls a week or two before western mother’s day. The actual date of the Nepali Mother’s day is fixed by Hindu astrologers according to the ancient calculations. In Nepal, Mother’s day is also called Mata Tirtha Aunsi or Mata Tirtha Snan as well. (Mata-= Mother, Tirtha= Day (of prayer), Aunsi = new moon night, Snan = bath). It is called Mata Tirtha Aunsi because it falls the day of new moon night and it is called Mata Tirtha Snan because those who do not have their mom go and take bath in holy river of Nepal and offer prayer to god in memory of their mothers.

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