Owning a Net cafe!
Interview With Nepalnet

Rupendra Shrestha
Rupendra Shrestha is a young entrepreneur businessman. He opened his Net Club one year ago. The café is located Jwalikhel in front of Future Star School. You can reach him at rupendra_shrestha@hotmail.com or netclub23@hotmail.com

During last month I had chance to interview him. In the interview, he talked about his experience in owning the net cafe. Please email any comments at info@nepalnet.net

Q. What facilities do you have in your Net Club?

Rupendra Shrestha :

We have a complete host of computer and communication facilities that includes Internet Surfing, Quality Laser Print, Colour Print, CD Recording, Scanning, STD/ISD, Graphic Designing.

Q. What kind of people generally come to your Net Club?

Rupendra :

All kind of people from various walks of life come to our club. However, mostly our daily customers are guys between ages of 20 and 24.

Q. What is the primary function (email, web searching, news or something else) when they come there?

Rupendra :

They come for many function but I have noticed they come for mailing and meeting their friends online.

Q. How much time do they spend on average?

Rupendra :

On average, they spend about one hour.

Q. How do you see future of Internet and places like Net Club in Nepal?

Rupendra :

Nowadays, Internet has become necessity like phone and electricity to all kinds of people. Internet is not just a wish but also their need!


Jwalikhel (In front of Future Star School)
Phone : 45551711
Email : rupendra_shrestha@hotmail.com or netclub23@hotmail.com

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