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Reasons to Use Linux
Hear From the 2 experts -Hemanta Sharma and Kundan Khanal
Excerpt From Interview With Nepalnet

Hemanta Sharma -

  • Many people I have met have a wrong conception about Linux that it's hard to learn and use it in a daily basis like Windows. Initially, Linux was difficult, it didn't have any Graphical User Interface, but now Linux is so developed that in the Western countries, people have started using Linux as their daily use, just like Windows.
  • Another issue that I found in non-Linux users is the compatibility of Hardwares found in the market. Linux today, supports most of the hardwares, and has the capability of Plug & Play like that of Windows.
  • The another most pointed out difference is that Linux is virus free.
  • The best part of Linux is it's free and the source code are accessible by anyone. This means that a programmer can program the whole Operating system by the way he want it.
  • Linux is not resource hungry, meaning, to operate it doesn't need latest hardwares and need only a very few upgrades to work.
    With all these good sides of Linux I guess any non-Linux users will think once that they should learn and know Linux better. That is what NLUG is for.

Kundan Khanal -

  • Linux is Free.
  • Linux is Open Source.
  • The support and help are anytime available through the internet using various Linux community based forums and mailing lists. The documents, FAQ and manual pages for the programs can be downloaded free through the internet.
  • The security is very tight. It has many features that protect your system from intruders.
  • Linux is the most customizable OS as it is highly configurable. You can make it work exactly the way you want and can optimize it for your very own hardware to make your OS faster.
  • The Linux system is very much stable. One of Linux's greatest strengths is its tendency to run for long periods of time without needing a reboot. If you compare it to windows, the Linux system rarely hangs (freezes up).
  • Since most of the viruses are targeted to the windows based application, the risk of getting infected with the virus is minimum in Linux.
  • You can fulfill various networking related task that you cannot implement with windows.

Excerpt from Interview with Kundan Khanal

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