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My first love
By Sampada Malla

Recalling my childhood days is my favorite pastime. I enjoy sitting in my room alone with my eyes closed, capturing faded images of my early days. No wonder, those were the precious moments that will always remain safeguarded in my heart.

Another thing that I constantly remember about my childhood is my obsession for computers. Since I had a personal computer in my home, I used to sit ceaselessly in front of my computer, exploring new things. In those times, new things for me were receiving myriad information about computers and different things revolving around it .I still remember my parents shouting at me for not doing my home works or not revising my lessons, while I would be enjoying myself with my computer. Those were my childhood days, where life was only lived for fun and enjoyment. However, as days passed by, responsibilities gradually encroached in my shoulders .Different changes in my life made my life more interesting and enthusiastic.

Today, I am a teenager. Like all other teens of my age, I too am a music lover. I love shopping and my closet speaks my interest. Surfing on the net is another hobby of mine that reigns supreme, these days. I do not mind people addressing me as an "internet freak". I usually do many things when I am on the net. Of course, chatting lies in the prior list. Besides that, I visit different sites of my interest and gain a lot of information through it. Since I enjoy reading books, I usually visit sites where I can receive innumerable information about various books and various authors as well.

In recent days, internet is slowly becoming the wildly used communication medium all over. It has also been able in appealing many people towards it. I recollect those days when internet was a luxurious belonging to acquire. The communication booths that provided the service were also very expensive. However, today, in a time span of couple of years, internet in Nepal has become a common possession. Most of the people are facilitated with the internet services and are easily attaining many information about the happenings of the world, through the internet.

Thus, it is quite fascinating remembering the yesterdays and visualizing the present. It is an overwhelming experience for me to view the websites of Nepal and Nepalese through the internet. Visiting the websites of a Nepali's creation is a homely experience for me.

I can guarantee that my interest in surfing the net will never decrease. Till date, I have experienced my life with internet and computers and I do not deny revealing that those were my happiest moments. As a quotation says," You are known by the company you keep." my companion is my computer which provides me with the privilege of knowing various aspects of the world in a better way.

Turning back and memorizing the former days leaves a smile in my face. Many interests and hobbies and many passions have passed through me, but nothing has been able in overcoming my love towards computers and internet. No doubt, they are my first love and my proud possessions too.

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