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7 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Website
By Nepalnet

There are many mistakes you can make on your website. Web design by definition is never perfect. It is evolving media - things are updated and improved 24/7. However, there are some basic guidelines you can follow when designing your site. The seven mistakes outlined here are a good introductory list you can follow when making your own site. Avoiding these mistakes are simple and will not only result in retaining your current or first time visitors but also gaining a new ones through referral via your satisfied visitors.

  1. Not having relevant or useful content:
    Everyone visits a website looking for content in a specific subject. Without related content, no one will visit a website. Building relevant content is the most important part of making your website. All the attractive design and layouts in the world won't make up for a lack of meaningful content.
  2. Not Organizing Website properly:
    Before doing any work in HTML or your favorite page design software, grab a pen and paper and start planning your website. Start with a basic service to visitors. Write down the things you want to offer guests and then organize the structure in the most logical way.
    (Orphan pages are the pages inside the website without any link to the main page. Avoid these because your visitor might enter website from that page and will be unable to navigate back to your main site. Always include a link to the main site on each of your pages.)
  3. Lack of uniformity and extravagant Design:
    A uniform website portrays an image of professionalism. Similarly using simple design without superfluous jumping animations and dynamic elements distinguishes you from the novice designers and gives a professional look to your website. Unless you are a wild artist, do not try to show your wild artistic talents on the web.
  4. Outdated information and Broken links:
    Outdated information and broken links project an impression of inactivity to visitors, resulting in no further visits.
  5. Using Annoying technologies and excessive graphics or other files:
    Use of annoying technology such as disabling the back button, redirection, popping up advertisement or content, and opening up new windows with new link can really annoys visitors because it consumes their computer resource and slows it down. If visitors are too annoyed, they might not be back again. Any of these techniques may be useful to a limited extent, but beware of taking them too far.
    Similarly, excessive graphics and other files such as java applets, and music slows down the loading times and reduces the visitor number. Think! Why should a visitors visit your website against billions of other website when they have to wait so much for it to load.
    (If the slowness is due to your server, please change your website hosting company.)
  6. Using Too Latest Technology:
    Being Hip can be cool but if it means site not being displayed properly for more than half of your visitors or if it requires them to download some software, then it will result in loosing most of them. Think! Who wants to spend hours downloading and installing a software to view a website for few seconds.
  7. Not putting contact information:
    When a visitor who might be potential customer is impressed with your website and want to contact you for further information, the contact information should be readily available. If possible offer visitors more than one way to contact you; namely: contact form, email, phone and even physical address.


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