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Interview With Nepalnet

Amit Chaudhary is the face behind the Currently, he is doing my BE (Computer Science) at MIT, Pune. He first started using Internet when he was around 8th grades. During his school years at Galaxy Public School, he designed his first website for it and for the school’s computer club.

During last month I had chance to interview him. In the interview, he talked about his experience with Please email any comments at

Q. How did the begin?

Amit Chaudhary:

My friend Subrat Basnet, doing Diploma in Computer Science in Malaysia, had the So we started of making a site for that domain after our SLC exams, because we were free then. So only both of us decided to make a site so that people could chat. So basically mYktm was a site only with chat.

Then slowly both of us started increasing the features in it. Mainly
adding NEPAL MESSENGER which is the main feature of .

First was hosted on a free server, but then / sponsored our hosting.

Starting from hits of 100 and page views of 1000 now we get hits over 2000
and more than 10000 page views per day. Also Nepal Messenger getting more
than 13000 downloads just in a year.

We also have more than 1000 users both at the forums and the mYktm Pals section. People have really liked the message board section.

Q. Would you like to share any memorable event that happened during your
work with


Yes. There is one memorable event I would like to share. That is when our site won the best site for User Friendliness at the WWW 2003. Another day which I cannot forget is when there were 100 chatters in our room for the first time.

Q. Are you planning on adding new features or making any major changes
to the in near future?


Yes, we are working on new features for the site. First of all we would
like to bring out a new version of Nepal Messenger with more features
(first time in Nepal) and also with much more stability than the previous
two versions.

Also, we are working on a new online radio for the site, which is still in
testing state right now. But, will be out soon.

And yes we are also working on a new layout for the site.

Q. Any last words to our readers?


Always have belief in yourself, thing of new ideas and success will be all

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