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Nepali Children's Online magazine:
And The Man Behind IT
By Nepalnet

Bibhor Baral is the editor and webmaster of the online children magazine The review of is available HERE.

He is a fifth semester student of Bachelor of Information Management (BIM), a four years IT course at Tribhubhan University. Beside computer, he is also very interested in literature.

During last month I had chance to interview him. In the interview, he talked about his experience with Please email any comments at

Q. How did the started?


Once I happened to visit a popular cyber cafe. Along with the seniors, I saw few teens there, enjoying the Internet. When I observed them thoroughly, I found them surfing around vulgar sites and having useless chat. I returned home with heavy heart and thought a lot about it. In my opinion, the children should have visited the sites made for them. Surprisingly, when I searched for children oriented sites, I could not find any good Nepali site made for them. Then a desire for designing a site for them produced inside me.

In the mean time, I happened to meet famous child litterateur Kartikeya Ghimire and I shared the idea with him. Then Dhiraj Baral joined our team. Finally, we three decided to start an e-magazine for children. Famous literary-journalist Rochak Ghimire suggested us the name of the site as 'ketaketi'. Now the result is in front of you.

Q. Being a new website, what challenges are you and your group facing to
maintain and further develop the website? How are you dealing with those


Firstly, we are finding difficulties in reaching to the children. We are unable to give big advertisements making children aware about our site. Though, with the help from friends like you we expect to reach to them soon. Secondly, to give regularity to the magazine we are in the search of sponsors and for that we are making arrangements. We are confident on getting sponsors in future. The principals of 11 private schools, which are
under Balpatrakarita Tatha Balsahitya Puraskar Samiti have promised to help us. We are very much optimistic since then.

Q. Are there any plans for major future changes to the website?


We have already formed one year schedule of the magazine. Our main aim is to develop ketaketi as an official children e-magazine of Nepal. In this regard, from coming issue we are going to start a sketched photo gallery of famous Nepali child litterateur which are sketched by Shanta Hitang.

Our next goal is to facilitate people to make contact with the persons, organizations, magazines, sites, etc., regarding children. For that we are developing 'Children Contact Forum'. One can find phone numbers, email address of the children related peoples, organizations etc in the forum. It will be published as a book as well as one can find it in our site.

In addition, we are trying to translate famous Nepali child writings in English and publish them in our site. By this, we want to make worldwide exposure of Nepali Child Literature.

We too want to make children participate to our site. We are going to start about 10 types of quizs from coming issue. About 60 children will be awarded in each issue. We hope it will help in development of children's personality and feeling of competition in them.

Q. Beside this website, has your group or you done any other websites?


I am a student of Bachelor of Information Management (BIM), a four years IT course of TU and I am in fifth semester right now. I too have deep interest in Literature. When I firstly got introduced with HTML for the first time during my first semester, built a site for Nepali Literature whose address is: In that site I also put an issue of Rachana literary magazine. Rachana is more than 30 years old
Nepali literary magazine. Probably it is the first Nepali literary magazine to have a web site. It is now available in

A part from them I have also made site of REHDON College, Samakhusi as a project work of first semester. Its address is Similarly, is also another site which I made during my studies.

Q. Any suggestions you want to give to other Nepali Webmaster who are making child or teen oriented websites?


I want to request Nepali Webmasters to think about our motherland. Our work should directly or indirectly act as a constructing brick for the country. Children are the future of the country. So, for the bright future of Nepal we should give them better knowledge and opportunities through our sites. I want to request Webmasters to love children but not to abuse them.

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