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Interview of 3 founding partners oF
By Nepalnet

Left to Right: Sanam Krishna Shrestha, Gyanesh Man Chitrakar & Anup Narsingh Amatya

Sanam Krishna Shrestha:

Mr. S. K. Shrestha is the Director, Marketing of Avenues Nepal Pvt. Ltd. He has a BBA degree plus Diploma in Business Computing and more 10 years of experience in the computer field especially in database. He has also a good managerial experience for running a business house. He had worked for and Websoft International for 4 years as Business/Office Manager. He is also well experienced in web/internet marketing.

Gyanesh Man Chitrakar:
Mr. G. M. Chitrakar is an Electrical Engineer, but he has worked in the computer field since the beginning of his career. He is the Director, Development of Avenues Nepal Pvt. Ltd. He had worked for the National Computer Centre in the past and also worked for / Websoft International for 4 years as Web Programmer. He has an extensive Web Programming experience for the last 4 years and Database Programming for more than 10 years.

Anup Narsingh Amatya:
Mr. A. N. Amatya is the Managing Director of Avenues Nepal Pvt. Ltd. He has an MBA Degree (Finance) from UK University and is the Finance and Management Person of the company. He was Deputy Head of Operations for nearly two years at Nepal Indosuez Bank Ltd., a subsidiary of French Multinational Bank, Credit Agricole Indosuez .

All of the three are founding partners of Avenues Nepal Pvt. Ltd which runs Avenues Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is a new eCommerce company established on 30th Sept 2003 as per the Company Act of Nepal and our Company Registration No. is 25359/060/61. During last week I had chance to interview them. In the interview, they talked about their experience with Please email any comments at

Q. What lead to the start of

Sanam, Gyanesh & Anup:

The thought of developing a matrimonial site popped up on our mind when many of our friends who were abroad and residing in Nepal, requested us to find a suitable match for their marriage in various occasions. In the year 2000, we had in mind of developing a matrimonial or dating site for Nepal (for Nepalese community scattered worldwide.) We had not seen such a genuine website for this purpose in the past. So, in the year 2003, we researched for designing a matrimonial website and finally developed and launched it on 16 November 2003.

Q. Being a new website, what challenges are you and your group facing to promote, maintain and further develop the website? How are you dealing with those challenges?

Sanam, Gyanesh & Anup:

We are facing lots of challenges at present:

First is Finance. In Nepal, we do not have Venture Capital concept to promote new but potentially sound Business Ideas. All of the Banks or the Financial Institutions require Collateral in order to sanction loans. Next is Time for devoting ourselves in maintaining and further development of our website because of the lack of enough funding. Till now, we have been providing this service free of cost, but very soon we will be charging a minimal fee to sustain the company. We are confident that in the near future, we will get the return for our work.

Regarding promotion, we have invested for placing a banner ad in the and using free site submission to some of the search engines. Presently, we cannot invest in ad words of Google or Overture or MSN. Whatever we are doing is making our site search engine friendly and adding relevant information on our site. In the near future we will also place advertisement of on national dailies and some Nepali newspapers and magazines which are distributed outside Nepal.

A major problem we are facing is that here in Nepal we do not have enough rules and regulations for businesses based on the internet. We have read that our government is working on it. Next, we do not have any financial institutions (especially banks) that provide Merchant Accounts for eCommerce and a Gateway for online payment processing.

Thus, we have to search for outside Merchant Account Providers. Many such providers do not want to provide such accounts to new internet commerce companies, especially in our case, due to the lack of Cyber Law in Nepal. We have just acquired a Merchant Account with, a US based provider. However, we can only charge International Credit Cards with their gateway. We still have problem charging credit cards Valid in India and Nepal onlysince such cards are not recognized internationally and also due the lack of infrastructure in our Banks and also the Convertible Currency regulations of our country.

Q. Are there any plans for major future service or changes to the website?

Sanam, Gyanesh & Anup:

We have many such plans on our mind, one of them being to gradually add additional features and facilities in such as a Gift Shop.

Q. Beside this website, has you or your group or you done any other major websites?

Sanam, Gyanesh & Anup:

Yes, we had worked for Websoft International, a foreign owned company in Nepal and also developed and designed/maintained the most popular Asian Art site But now, we are no longer associated with Websoft and

Q. Any last word and/or suggestions you want to give to other Nepali Web professionals?

Sanam, Gyanesh & Anup:

First, you need to have a goal/vision set on your mind and next you have to acquire enough knowledge about web designing, development and web marketing as well as a keen entrepreneurial flair. Finance also pays a major role in this field due to high maintenance cost of web hosting, advertisement, skilled manpower, expensive equipment to name a few. Finally, devotion and patience is vital for developing a successful website. We have seen many websites developed by inexperienced web programmers/designers for the sake of curiosity but fade out due to lack of proper knowledge in maintaining and marketing the sites.

Q. Are any of you guys married or will be needing service of soon? :-)

Sanam, Gyanesh & Anup:

All of us are married. We wish we had launched earlier. :-)

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