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Rejuvenation of the Nepal Digest (TND) on The Web
Interview of Coordinator/Editor Ujjwal Bhattarai
By Nepalnet

Ujjwal Bhattarai, an engineer who is currently living in New York with his wife and son, always looks for ways to give back to Nepal in every way possible. He rejuvenated the 15-year-old The Nepal Digest (TND) in 2003 into its current web magazine form. Since then, TND has reached a new height of success. Currently, TND has more than 4,000 subscribers and each of its issues are greeted approximately 50,000 times.

During last week I had chance to interview him about his experience with TND. Please email any comments to

Q. How did the Nepal Digest (TND) started and become what it is today?


Historically, TND was started as an email magazine by R.J. Singh from Illinois at the dawn of democratic movement in Nepal in 1989. Throughout 90s TND was the only major source of news and a forum for discussion for people (Nepali and people interested in Nepal) abroad, especially in the USA.

In 2003, TND transformed to its current web-magazine format with its own domain name ( and database supported website. This necessary change was welcomed by thousands of loyal readers whole-heartedly. Currently, TND has registered more than 4,000 subscribers and thousands others who read it in the web.

Q. Being a not-for-profit website, what challenges are you facing to maintain and further develop the website? How are you dealing with those challenges?


By definition, being a not-for-profit venture TND faces classical challenges of any non-profits -limited financial and manpower. Members of the TND team have extensively volunteered their time and effort to maintain and update an extensive site like TND, which has 15 years of achievements. To overcome financial constraint [and to relieve the direct burden on TND team], we had recently appealed for donations, which was enthusiastically responded by its supporters bolstering TND financially as well.

Q. Are there any plans for major future changes to the website?


Yes, few minor ones. Since 1989, when it was first started, it has come a long way to a form of dynamically generated web-magazine with comments feature. In future, it will also have components for advanced search, a separate discussion forum and possibly a news section as well.

Q. Any suggestions or last word, you want to give to other not-for-profit organizations or readers about the pros and cons of maintaining an active website?


After the advent of Internet, it is needless to say that the entire globe can be reached on your computer screen. Thus the importance of maintaining a user-friendly website for dissemination of information is beyond expression. Clearly, the major advantage of an active website is the ability to reach a global audience at a minimal cost. This is possible, however, only with disciplined, dedicated, and determined team and so its members.

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