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Website with BEST Design - 2060 New Year Edition

What is good Website Design?

We believe a good website design is not just only impressive graphic art. (It can be). A good website design is optimal for download, compatible across the platform, designed according to its subjects, easy to use, looks good and follows good graphic design principle.

1 Wave Magazine | SITE | REVIEW |  

best original graphic arts


I do not like this site | SITE | REVIEW |

  for bEing diffErEnt, crEative. uniquE, hip and cool (our little tribute to the website)  
3 Nima Rumba's Official Website| SITE | REVIEW |  
  for bringing out the personality of the singer alive on the web. A very good image editing  
4 EduNepal | SITE | REVIEW |  
  for soothing colors and very professional balance of text with content  
5 Nepal Home Pages | SITE | REVIEW |  
  best design work on a very big scale website
Honorable Mention  
  Shakun Tea | SITE | REVIEW |  
  Kathmandu University Project Site | SITE | REVIEW |  
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