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Site Name BBC News (South Asia Section)
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Type General News Website
Brief A part of website dedicated to news from South Asia.




BBC News has been synonymous with a good and accurate journalism in the South Asia. Many South Asian used too listen to BBC radio when they could not trust their government media for the news event taking place in their own neighborhood. This website BBC South Asia news is actually part of the BBC News which in turns is part of the BBC Interactive.

The site offers a good deal of important news and regular report from Nepal and its neighbors. Nonetheless, it has good coverage of the whole South Asia. It is always interesting and helpful to know what’s happening in the neighborhood.

Design: Excellent, very neutral colors used which appropriate for general news site, aesthetically pleasing, information easily found
Navigation: Excellent, very easy to navigate around the site, in between news, related news and websites.
Content: A good variety of news related to South Asia can be found. However, the content of the site can be increased more. Being a British site, it usually just covers the news that are interesting to western viewers.


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