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Site Name Nepal Stock Exchange
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Type Stock Market
Brief Dedicated to bring information related to stock market in Nepal



The website might not be the best website in terms of how it looks, but it gives us the wealth of information on the Nepalese Stock Market. It is very good resource for the people interested in the Nepalese stock market and Nepalese economy.

Design: The site design in a very simple way. The design of the site is below average. It definitely needs some good designing.
Navigation: The navigation needs a lot of work as does the designing.
Content: The best part of this website is its unique content. It's content is the main reason, the website got overall 4 out of 5 star even with average navigation and design.


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Do you think is the Best web site for Stock exchange of Nepal? what about

Really web site is slow, not user friendly, very simple.....

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