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Site Name Jwajalapa
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Type Cultural
Brief Newari Culture


The word "Jwajalapa" is the Newari version of "Namaste". Jwajalapa is probably your best bet on the World Wide Web for finding information on the Newar culture and customs. You can learn about Newar culture by reading articles on Newari culture in this website, then download three different Newari fonts. In addition to that, the website also maintains a Yahoo! group to ask questions about the Newar culture.

Design & Navigation
Website design is Above Average. The design is simple and uses lots of neutral colors. The navigation of the website is good. For instance, I liked the fact that some of the website's navigation bar is a text document so that it can be easily translated by using an automatic translator.

The content of the website is Excellent. There are lot of photos available about specific aspects of Newari life. However, we would like to see more pictures on the website. The more the better. In conclusion, a very a good and unique website that showcases Newar culture.


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