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Site Name Kantipur online
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Type News
Brief Official website of Kantipur Publication


Update (November 2003)
Recently, was completely revamped. The new design looks better and is easier to navigate. The basic content of the website remains same but some feature such as search, archive, viewer's Comments and better organization of the website allows viewers to enjoy and discover more new benefits. On the technical side, the static content was converted to a dynamic content making it easier both for the newsmaker and news viewer. The revamping of kantipuronline has certainly made it one of the best designed and organized news website in the whole country.

  Revamping !
Read how three men changed Nepal’s largest selling newspaper’s website. Interview of Bikram Shrestha, Dhiraj Shrestha & Rajan Shrestha... MORE>>>

Old Ranking (before November 2003)


Nepal’s largest selling daily also has one of the most informative websites on Nepal. Kantipur online brings its online viewers its flagship publications, Kantipur and The Kathmandu Post. It also brings us the very popular Nepali magazines like Saptahik and Nepal. Alongside the regular publication it also hosts the website for the Kantipur FM 96.1.

Design & Navigation
Just the opportunity to read Kantipur’s major content online is great in itself. One more request would be to bring all articles featured in kantipur online, if not the same day, the day after. The website has average navigation and design. The website design is simple and easy to use. However, we feel it definitely can use some good graphics and more pictures. Navigating from the main page to other publications is a breeze. However, navigation from one news item to other can use some more work.



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