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Site Name Worldwide Nepalese Students' Organisation - WNSO
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Brief Information for Nepalese students all over the world


Worldwide Nepalese Students' Organisation - WNSO website is probably the best source of information for Nepalese students from around the world. The main objective of the organization is “working together for the benefit of Nepali Student, without any political affiliation”.

The initial website is the main portal, which is divided into portals specific to countries. The countries included so far are Australia, Netherlands, Germany, India, Singapore, Cyprus, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Korea, United Kingdom, United States, Pakistan, Ireland and Nepal.

Each portal provides a host of very useful information to Nepali students.

Design & Navigation
The design of each portal changes from one to other since each portal appears to be maintained by the local chapters. Overall, the designs of the main portal and majority of subportals is good. The navigation structure differs from one portal to another and are fairly different in each portal because they are being maintained and designed by different groups. A very good community effort from many Nepalese students from all over the world!


Viewer's Comment

It's a great website if you were looking somone to help or asking someone for help I guess. Website is just great.

User (May 24, 2004)

Thanks for your great deed of your creation. It's really a great platform all the nepalese students worldwide.

Sudarshan (May 22, 2004)

It's a prominent platform for people of all walks of life as well as especially to Nepalese Students' worldwide !

Pokhrel (April 17, 2003)

This is one of the best site that i have seen related to Nepalese around the world. Either student or non students, all kind of Nepalese are there to share their experience abroad and to help each other. I liked its discussion forum, where most of students from abroad hang around to put their mind. Its really creative. Another section of this site is literature which is also very good and well maintained.

5 star from my side for everything from content to technology.

Sanskar Shrestha (April 16, 2003)


We considered as part of ( It played an integral part to help put as "Best 51 Websites"

Thanks a lot for your input.

- Editor

It's a prominent platform for people of all walks of life as well as especially to Nepalese Students' worldwide !

- Pokhrel

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