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What makes BBC Nepali Service unique is its independence. BBC Nepali Service is run by Nepalese with extensive journalism experience. It reports on any topic fairly, critically and independently without any inside or outside pressure. This objectivity is made possible by its location outside of Nepal and funding by an independent organization such as BBC. A typical program consists of News, Chautari (News dispatches and analysis as prepared and sent by BBC Correspondents from all over the world) and others.

Design & Navigation
Design of the website follows the basic BBC Online design template, which is simple, easy to use and visually attractive. On the website you can only listen to today’s program. An archive with past programs would help many people who want to go back and listen to last week's discussion of politics. Another major drawback would be that there is not enough content providing organizational details such as biographies of staff/journalist etc.


Viewer's Comment

I thank you for the mail. We, all in the Nepali service are very
pleased to know that our site has been voted first in the hall of the best
51 websites.

With best wishes

Khagendra Nepali
Editor Nepali Service
BBC World Service, Nepali Section

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