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REVIEW is a very popular message board used mostly by ex-patriot Nepalese from around the world. One of the regular users describes as “one of the best Nepali website that brings Nepali from different backgrounds and places to one online community.” Sajha is a place where one can share and get information, and discuss a wide variety of Nepali and non-Nepali issues. Administrators allow free flow of discussion but also try not to let freedom of speech become harassment.


Design & Navigation is so rich in content that the first time looking at it may feel like an information overload. The homepage could be redesigned and reorganized to present the information in a more clutter-free manner. One of the simplest ways to re-organize the page is to move the login and photo feature to the left, above and below the navigation button and to increase the breadth of the Kurakani section (which I believe is the heart of Although, Sajha is mostly used by Nepalese living in the Northeastern United States and London, it is equally a great tool and source of information for anyone looking for Nepal related information.

PS. Many regular users also believe Sajha can be quite addictive :)


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Thank you for taking the time to review and select With Nepali websites growing at a fast rate, I am glad that you have taken the responsibility of selecting the best sites to bring to the public.

Keep up the good work!

Best Regards,
San Pradhan is an information center, a message board, a place to read jokes and relax, a place to put one's feelings or angers, a place to ask question, a place to share not only idea but also graphic pictures.


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