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REVIEW is run by professional Nepali journalists associated with Nepalese American Journalist Association. Since its inception in 2001, Nepalipost has been providing quality news and current issue related articles in both Nepali and English. The group aims to provide information on current topics, culture, and Nepali language to ever growing population of Diaspora Nepali community around the world.

Design & Navigation
Nepalipost uses a simple design. The navigation structure is in Nepali and neatly organized on left. The headlines of recent news and articles are highlighted in the middle section. The right section is usually with Nepali-American informative advertisements. In the bottom, common links to the other related Nepali news websites are given. The comprehensive calendar on the left does not seem to provide information that can be found in any computer. I suggest it be either removed or replaced with Nepali - English Calendar. The navigation on left also needs to accommodate the English section. Overall, Nepalipost is an exemplary example of a Diaspora Nepali community's effort to serve and preserve their Nepali heritage.


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