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REVIEW, acronym for the Business manager, is an excellent source for the Nepalese business and economy related information. The website features daily news updates, special reports on the economy, discussion boards, stock market reports and more.

Design & Navigation
The website is designed in a simple format, using more text and tables than images. The red, blue and white colors are a very patriotic color scheme resembling Nepal's flag. On the technological side, the website features customizable Neptse(sp?) Stock graphs which can be a very strong financial analysis tool. A mouse over on the link gives underline and over-line effect. Personally, I felt the over-line is not one of the strong point of the website. In conclusion, is excellent economical education tool for anyone interested in the economy of Nepal.


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We have much pleasure to know that Business Manager has been selected as one of the Best 51 Websites and got the best technology title. Thank you very much for considering our site as one of the best, it will really help us to work more effectively and your best wishes are always with us.

Have a good day.

Thanking you,
Admn. Business Manager

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