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REVIEW, a recently launched website, is probably the only website dedicated to the party scene in Nepalese cities. The website provides a calendar of events, party tips, party photos, club reviews and other party related information.

Design & Navigation
The design of the website captures the party ambience through psychedelic colors. However, sometimes the use of bright colored text is difficult to read, making navigation difficult. (I am one of those people who liked the previous design of better than the current one). The advertising on the front page can also be frustrating with a slow Internet connection but we understand that it might be necessary to support the website commercially.

In a few months, has acclaimed both critical and hopefully commercial success by providing innovative, unique and time-suited content to the party going youth of Nepal. We wish a successful future!

Hear the story of from the mouth of Mandil Pradhan, the CEO and the Web-Director of



Viewer's Comment

I think the website is ultra cool. Lots of info, tons of pictures and hot downloads. It’s unique... in a positive way. Best of luck!!!

- Uttam Rajkarnicar

Deserves to be among "Best 51 Websites" for its uniqueness and the motive behind it... the clubbing scene in Nepal.

Deserves to be among "Best 51 Websites" for its unbiased contents of clubbing materials.

Nepal's Only Clubbing & Partying Portal

- Mandil Pradhan (Founder,

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