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Site Name Cyber Nepal
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Type Infotainment Magazine Website
Brief Informatianment on music and models


Cybernepal, the pioneer of Internet Magazine in Nepal, delivers a pure serving of Nepali infotainment. It features artist and model profiles and interviews, original Nepali wallpapers and screensavers, mp3s, a section on Miss Nepal and more. There is a lot of unique content to keep one occupied in the website.


Design & Navigation
The best aspect of the Cybernepal Magazine is its originality and quality. For example, some of its wallpapers designed by Nepalese artists are very original and better than what is on many international websites. The design of Cybernepal is trendy and spicy, appealing to the youth. Even though the website is heavy on images; it is definitely worth it and provides a great magazine-like look of it.

Cybernepal is one of the best Nepali online magazine, which can even find its niche as a print magazine. The problem is we might have to call it Printnepal instead of Cybernepal :-)

Hear the story of three of Nepal's finest web developers, Abhinav and Dipankar and Sarobar Kasaju who happen to be brothers as well!



Viewer's Comment

It is great to know that a great website like has finally been honored by the tile "website of the month" by Nepalnet. All of our friends studying here in Minnesota, US are happy to know about this. We wish success to the magazine.

Aashish Neupane & Friends, Minnesota, USA

I've been a regular visitor of CyberNepal since 1998. In all these years I've found it very entertaining. Although I am on the other side of the globe this site makes me feel as if I am in Nepal.

Rakesh Subedi

If you are one of the many net surfers who wishes that there should be a Nepali web site which delivers pure entertainment, a site where you can have hours of boundless fun, a site that turns your mood on; then we would say your wish has come true. Whether you are a music lover or a day dreamer of beauty and glamour, once you visit the site you can't resit visiting it again and again. The site appeals to your eyes, as well as to your ears; if only technology had not been a limit; your sense of smell, taste and touch could also be served well.

But don't just take our word for it, see it for yourself. You will never say "Ignorance is a bliss".

Treat yourself at :

with regards,

Samjhana Manandhar
CYBERNEPAL - Internet Magazine
"Entertainment to the Max!"

First and only one Internet Magazine of Nepal. Huge contains. Wallpapers, Screensavers, first E-Promo, Artist Profile and photos and lot many more.

Good Usability, Design, Content and Regular Updating.

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