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Type Online Magazine and Information
Brief Informatianment on music and models


Updated on Jan 29, 2004

REVIEW, launched on 2001, is an online magazine that features an array of information related to Nepal, such as an fashion gallery, gifts, travel information, articles on many diverse Nepali issues, custom music cd and music/concert info. One of its best features is the travel-rate query form that promises to find lowest travel rates to Nepal among its affiliates. also features Model of Month, Artist of Month, Top Ten. promises to provide even greater access to Nepali music, gift packages, Nepal phone card, articles and, travel in near future. also gives its customer opportunity to make custom Cd of their favorite Nepali musicians. It is great way to buy Nepali music without denying royalties, a source of income, to Nepalese artists. The site administration also intends to make the site more interactive by making the discussion forum more user-friendly and adding more articles on current Nepali topics.

Design & Navigation
The website design involves many high quality images. The high quality images makes the website very attractive but also might contribute the page to load slow on slower connection (Sometime slowness of the website might be due to other affiliate advertising banners/scripts + I like Nepalisite's graphics). On a small note, new category such as "Articles" need to be listed on universal navigation menu on the right-hand side. Overall, is very informative and useful Nepali website with ever growing content with excellent dedication to customer service.

The review was changed on light of some fresh information from Admin of CLICK HERE FOR OLD REVIEW .


Viewer's Comment is a site that is going to provide a greater access to Nepali Music, Nepali Fashion, Nepali Gift Packages, Nepal Phone Card, Nepal Travel and many things to come. is going to help Nepalese artists by paying them royalties for their music. It will also contribute to the Nepali fashion industry. In other words, it is going to be a great interactive site that will serve interests of the Nepali community around the globe.

I have never seen site like that has sections such as music, fashion, travel, and news. It’s an interesting site.

Awesome site that features lots of pictures of concerts and of fashion models. It also lists concerts or other events happening in Nepal.

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