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Type Environmental issue
Brief Portal & E-Magazine on Environment of Nepal


EnvironmentNepal is a portal dedicated environmental issue in Nepal. Since its official launch in late 2001, EnvironmentNepal has collaborated with various environmental organizations such as Clean Energy Nepal (CEN) to promote many environmental issues. The website provides many features such as news and articles, events listing, kid’s section, online newsletter subscription and many other interactive features.

Design & Navigation
The website is designed well. The website looks very good despite of its limited use of graphics (which makes it load faster as well). The predominance of text in the navigation buttons is very useful to anyone who is accessing it from a text-based browser or helpful to search engines to crawl pages.

The topics and highlight are grouped well. The dominating color of website is blue tint. Being an environmental website, I wished it were more green :-) -- but no real complaints. The only minor thing that was slightly out of place was a “Login” text on top of homepage. It would have been nicer if arrow sign like one before “make this your homepage” was also put in front of it. Overall, EnvironmentNepal is the best (and probably only one) website dedicated entirely to the environmental issues of Nepal – It is both informative and attractive.


Interview with Vibek Raj Maurya, Co-ordinator, Programmer & Web Designer of

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Wonderful site!! Keep it up!!

Liv Selena (May 25, 2004)

Please give member's email address (or any contact) in member's profile.

Buddha (May 19, 2004)

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