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By Sampada Malla

"Amidst the galaxy of stars,
I struggle to exist,
Beholding my dreams and ideas,
And tracing a voyage with my aspirations,
I struggle for my identity,
I struggle for my identity..:", one of Nepal's leading online shopping websites has already created its identity all over the world amongst myriad websites related to the common business. No wonder, is a shining star, presently, dispersing its glowing luminosity in the world of internet.

It is astonishing that the website company is merchandising the Nepali products all over the world staying miles away from the boarders of Nepal. The office is situated in Minnesota, USA.

Here is an interview with Mr. Bijay Shrestha, CEO of Please email any comments at

Q. What genre of people generally visit the site, " Are the
customers only Non-Residential Nepalese?

Bijay Shrestha:

Both Nepalese as well as other people visit the site. We have all kind of customers from all around the world like Australia, Africa, Europe, USA, Canada, Asia etc.

Q. What are the online shopping items that are merchandised the most?


Among Nepali origin customers, Nepali films, music CDS and phone cards (US only) are the most popular items. For non-Nepali customers; handicrafts,music CDS and phone cards (US only) are popular ones.

Q. What does "free phone card" mean and what groups of people are
facilitated with the system?


We have recently launched our "Money to Nepal" service. The Nepali
origin customers from all around the world can send money to their family in
Nepal from Dhukuti Money Service, which promises on its cheap and legal
service. The money is delivered within 24 hours. Though we send digital
photo to our customers for confirmation, we also provide them a free phone
card (from US only) to call their loved ones in Nepal for further
confirmation. The money can be sent via Dhukuti by any means e.g. credit
card, internet check, regular check etc.

Q. Please, share with us any special or memorable experience while merchandising different items online.


We have one non- Nepali customer in Europe. He is very fond of Nepali pop songs. Although he loves other Nepali artists too, he is a huge fan of Nabin Bhattarai. A regular customer of our company, he purchases all the new albums. He is not a Nepali literate nor does he understand Nepali. However, he is an admirer of Nepali pop music. In the earlier days with him, we were surprised when he demanded the song titles to be written in English for the reason that he was unable to read the songs on the CD cover.

Another incident that I would like to share with Nepal net is of those days when we had just launched our website. After about a month, one day, we received a call from World Disney Animal Kingdom. They desired to buy some stuffs from our store. At that time, we had just given birth to our website, which was struggling for its identity and establishment. We were so happy to receive the phone call. Even today, we regard ourselves very fortunate to supply the Nepali handicrafts to such a renowned company.

Q. Besides the general items, what are the innovative systems and services
that your website offers?


We have recently launched two new services, Money to Nepal and Movie on demand. The Movie on Demand is for those people who insist for cheap services. Our service is mostly offered to people who do not have a DVD player and to those who do not wish to spend a bulk of money for one movie. The service is available in all over the world. We are still on pilot phase on this service. We have noticed a great deal of customer's interest in these services, so we will be increasing these services gradually.

Another service that we have added but have not marketed well is the online payment gateway service for other retailers. If an individual is interested to open an online store, we will provide them with online payment solution with reasonable price. This service is also in a pilot phase. So far, it is doing well and has experienced a lot of small business interests, here in US. Therefore, we are planning to expand this service in Nepal as well. Also, if any Nepalese is willing to open an online store, we will set them up and provide them with all necessary help and guidance.

Q. Lastly, what do you wish to convey through Nepalnet.Net?


Our motto is to supply the Nepali products and services to the Nepalese by the Nepalese staying under one roof. We hope to fulfill the expectations of people as well as reach the heights of success.

Internet has no boundaries. Perhaps, this is also the prior reason that internet is ruling the hearts of many people through out the world. is a website, which promises and assures to demonstrate Nepal through different Nepali items all over the world. The endeavor of paying tribute to Nepal while living oceans far from Nepal is highly appreciated. As an old Nepali adage says, "Chhati ma Nepali ragat chahincha."

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