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Brief E-commerce website for Nepalese in USA


REVIEW is one of the premiere website serving the Nepalese community abroad with the Nepalese items. It features products such as Nepali VCDs, CDs, Pashmina, handicraft, jewelry and more. One of our editors has personally used the service of the, which he calls “one of his best online shopping experiences ever”

Design & Navigation
The website has a very appropriate design for a small online shop. Very simple and easy to use! The navigation structure is pretty good and makes it very easy to find information and products. In terms of content, more variety of product could be provided. A few months ago, it the site provided South Asian Groceries. We are not saying it should necessarily continue this, but more choices in the variety of products will do more to help its business than hurt it.

Hear the story of which is merchandising the Nepali products all over the world staying miles away from the boarders of Nepal. The office is situated in Minnesota, USA. GO TO FULL INTERVIEW


Viewer's Comment

I’d like to thank you on behalf of team for selecting us as one of the “Best 51 site” on your website. We are all very pleased to know about the voting result. We appreciate your hard work for evaluating all Nepal related websites.

With Best wishes,

Bijay Shrestha, CEO Inc.

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