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Eligibility to participate (In Ranking)

  1. Website with information related to Nepal
  2. Top Level Domain (preferred) or sub-domain is required for professional, business, government or organizations. Personal Pages can be under any level of domain.
  3. Website should content should not be legally against any laws in Nepal, United States, country(ies) of website origin, country(ies) website is hosted and International law. CONTENT SHOULD NOT BE BREAKING ANY LAW OF ABOVE MENTIONED COUNTRIES AND INTERNATIONAL LAW
  4. The website should have original content without any shade of plagiarism or any other copyright violations. (If you know about any violation, please email your complaints to )
  5. Any website not maintaining the eligibility requirement (with or without the requirement change) will be dropped from the ranking.
  6. Eligibility requirements can be changed at anytime without notice.
  7. The final decision on the eligibility (without giving any reasons even after fulfilling all eligibility requirement) remains with, which can not be challenged.
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