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Site Name Wave Magazine
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Type Magazine Website
Brief Official website of Wave Magazine, probably most widely circulated English magazine in Nepal


Wave Magazine is probably the best selling English language publication from Nepal. This best-selling magazine's website also happens to one of the best websites for a magazine we have ever seen (one of the best in the world).

Design & Navigation

Among the best aspects of the website is the quality of its graphic art. It also features the availability of entire content of the magazine online. While the basic navigation remains same, some aspect of its graphic design changes changes from one issue to the next. When visiting the website, you are automatically forwarded to current month's Url. For example if you type in March of 2003, you will be automatically forwarded to

As said before, the graphic design used in Wave's website are world class. They are one of the best graphic design arts I have ever seen. However, sometimes, especially on the first page, Wave uses excessive graphics. This might take a significant time to load for lower end machines. The website has a decent navigation feature on the first page, but once you`ve loaded a specific article, it does not have navigation linking back to main page. We found it little cumbersome to navigate, while other less picky readers might say, "We can just use back button".


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