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REVIEW is the official website of Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Centre (CWIN). Since the mid-eighties, CWIN has been one of the first organizations in Nepal to fight for the rights of children and fight against the exploitation of child labor. not only gives information about the works of the organization but also provides a very good resource on the topic of children's rights in Nepal.

Design & Navigation
One interesting and user friendly aspect of the website is its multilingual support. You can navigate the website in French, German, English or Nepali. However, the information presented in each language differs from one language to the other. The basic website design is the same for each language, however the design differs in the German version.

The design of the website is excellent, even when the website uses few graphics. I personally feel that the semi-neutral colors likes blue, gray and green used in the website not only convey the message of a grave seriousness but also provide a glimpse of hope for the future. The design is very user-friendly to people with disabilities because it uses text rather than images for many navigation menus. The use of text in the menus makes it easier for visually impaired users with specialized software to navigate the website. is a perfect example of how a non-governmental organization can use the power of the internet and technology to further its agenda. It is definitely an example for other Non-governmental organizations to follow.

Hear story of sociology and political science major turned social organization’s eminent web developer, Mr. Som Rai.



Viewer's Comment

Thank you very much for notifying us about our selection in the "Best 51
Website" in Nepal Net. We extend our sincere thanks for this recognition.
This will definitely encourage us more to make our site better and reach out
to more people with child rights message.

It would be great if we could retrieve review of our site, which we could
not get from your site.

Wishing you a Very Happy New Year.

Sumnima Tuladhar
Information Coordinator


The review of your website is in progress. It would be out by the Summer
2003 Edition or before.


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