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REVIEW is the first Nepali electronic magazine on the Internet which aims to promote issues concerning Nepal. The free e-magazine is published by a New York based not-for-profit TND Foundation. The foundation hopes to create "a free and democratic electronic platform -- free of all political views, free of cultural biasness, against prejudices and unjustness of all kinds" through its e-magazine and forum.

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The website uses neutral and monochromatic, yet pleasing shades of blue color in its design. The website is not loaded with extra graphics or photos, thus it is fast. However, a few graphics or images with each article would add a charm to the articles. The homepage gives easily followed links to all the articles in the current issue as well as highlighting some popular topics in a separate box. A pdf version of the articles is a plus for those who want to print out the issue. The only suggestion to the website would be to add a search feature. A search feature will be a great help for regular visitor to locate the past articles.


Rejuvenation of the Nepal Digest (TND) on The Web

Read the Interview of Coordinator/Editor of TND Ujjwal Bhattarai, an engineer from New York who rejuvenated the 15-year-old The Nepal Digest (TND) in 2003 into its current web magazine form.

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